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Focused direction, proven results, guaranteed.

Our Mission

Improving your performance as judged by your customers, peer organizations, your board, your staff, and other stakeholders is Breakthrough Horizon’s total focus.

Breakthrough Horizons is a boutique, management consulting firm dedicated to improving the performance and culture of organizations through the application of the Toyota Production System commonly known as Lean.

Our tailored, systematic improvement approach delivers sustainable results aligned with your strategic plans and objectives. Our experience in helping organizations go “lean” lead to world class rates of improvement.

We generate quick results using a combination of lean operations (lean tools and techniques) and lean management approaches (management coaching and visual management systems). Results are delivered using a Sensei approach, which emphasizes transfer of knowledge in a “learn by doing” environment.

What's Possible?

Empowered team members with high levels of morale and engagement
Quality systems approaching zero defects/errors
Delivery and access times improving year over year
Cost and productivity improvements delivered year over year
Consumer satisfaction ratings of 98%+
Consistent, strategic growth