Navigating the course, meeting your needs.


Breakthrough Horizons has the capability and experience to work with both Public sector and Private sector clients. Our consultant base has experience working with continuous processing, and discrete manufacturers, retail and distribution organizations, government and defense organizations, and the broad network of the healthcare industry. Whether your improvement needs are shop floor, or administrative; engineering or distribution; financial or clinical, and customer service or MRO, we have an improvement approach to meet your needs.

Our service offerings include the following:

  • Localized lean improvement consulting services (small project focus)
  • Value Stream improvement consulting services (improving systems from customer need to need being meet)
  • Organization wide improvement consulting services (changing the performance and culture of an entire organization)
  • Extended enterprise improvement consulting services (improving a system of product and service delivery that crosses between organizations)
  • Strategic Planning and Hoshin Kanri (Policy Deployment) Services
  • Lean training and certification services
    • Internal expert training
    • Management training
    • Executive Level lean training
    • Lean certification training
    • Visual management systems training
  • Public workshops on a variety of lean improvement topics
  • Workshop and keynote speaking on lean improvement

Our Process

Our tailored, systematic improvement approach is designed to help clients improve their performance and change their culture. Having an improvement system accomplishes three concurrent goals:

      1. Using methods that have been proven, a structured approach minimizes your time to generate results. 
      2. Reduces your risk because the methods are proven and well documented. 
      3. By following a consistent approach, the time for knowledge transfer is reduced.

Breakthrough Horizons’ systematic approach to improvement is illustrated below:


Improvement begins by defining measurable targets that define success.  We will work with you to ensure that your targets align with your organizational strategy. We will then help you identify the area of focus that will best help you meet your targets. 

Your activities will then become more tactical, and value stream mapping and analysis will occur in your area of focus.  This activity enables the development of a detailed, tailored improvement plan to accomplish your goals.

The improvement plan is executed through a structured problem-solving approach (A-3 and PDCA cycles) that rapidly generate performance while simultaneously changing the culture of the staff. Improvement may occur through project management or kaizen workshops. Kaizen workshops are a method of team-based, rapid improvement held over a 3 to 5 day period.

Improvement is then systematically expanded to other areas of focus to compound improvement and enable all staff to engage in improvement activities. The process is supported with executive and management coaching so that both the results and the new improvement skills will be sustained.