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Issue 19 – July 2014

Issue 19 • July 2014 Standard Work For Lean Experts Hypocrites?  I can't think of a better word.  Let me explain.  Many organizations are not getting everything out of their improvement efforts.  So using lean thinking, we have to diagnose the root cause of the lack of results. The common culprits;  lack of leadership, no…
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Issue 18 – May 2014

Issue 18 • May 2014 Standards and the C-Suite? Standard Work If you are an improving organization, this is a term you will be well familiar with. Any improvement in process, following a test of change, should be accompanied by two things: standard work and visual management. The definition of a standard is a basis…
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Issue 17 – Mar 2014

Issue 17 • Mar 2014 “We are not Normal People” – a study on the voice of the customer” January 29, 2014 When it comes to building products, the biggest problem technical (and creative) people have is this: increasing the technical challenge while creating a product does not increase the chance for more sales. This surprises us.…
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