About Us

Envision. Plan. Succeed.

About Us

With 25+ years of operations experience and 8 years in serving clients, Breakthrough Horizons is proud to be engaged in business performance improvement serving a global customer base.

Using the most fundamental principles of the Toyota Production System, we help clients unleash their business potential by delivering “breakthrough” performance that takes them to new “horizons”. Working side by side with small teams, we teach your organization to “see and eliminate” waste. When waste is eliminated first at the local level, then at the value stream level and finally at the organizational level, the collective of these improvements achieve new strategic advantages.

With smarter customers capable of attaining information with the click of a key, significantly higher pressures on cost containment, and increased quality demands, many organizations need to rapidly re-design their current business. We are working with clients to help them manage through these challenges, while minimizing the risk associated with any large scale change.

We encourage you to learn more about our time based, “learn by doing” strategy to help you meet the business challenges of the 21st century. We wish to teach you how to deliver compelling customer value: the right product and service, delivered with zero-defect quality, at the correct lead-time, and at the appropriate cost.